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We are one at Baptism and at the Communion table.
All are welcome here.

New MA DNA Law Would Prevent Wrongful Imprisonments

By Marie Lucca
Pastor, A Different Christian Voice

Massachusetts is one of only two states (the other is Oklahoma) that does not allow access to DNA evidence that could exonerate innocent people who have been falsely imprisoned. It is astounding to think that your spouse, sibling or child could be falsely convicted in Massachusetts and then would be denied access to DNA testing that could conclusively reveal their innocence. This is not just a legal concern but a social justice issue as well.

After three years, a bill that I co-authored with Rep. Brad Hill will finally have a hearing by the Massachusetts Joint Committee on the Judiciary, and then will be considered over the next several weeks for passage into law.

Read the wording of the bill here. Please learn more about this issue here and consider signing the related petition urging our legislature to pass it.

By: Marie Lucca On 2/10/2012
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1. Marie Lucca wrote on 3/14/2012 12:00:00 AM
UPDATE: I am happy to report that Massachusetts now allows post-conviction access to DNA evidence! When I testified on Beacon Hill in early February, I requested that enactment be expedited. It was passed the next morning and the Governor signed it later that week!